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Thank you for choosing iMasterTek Smartphone, Table Repair Company, we appreciate your business. We want you to share your experience with us online, and tell us how we did?

  • We refund $5 if you share your experience on google. If you currently have Yelp account, and share your experience trough Yelp, we offer $6 rebate. (newly created accounts usually don’t work ).

Please take a few minutesĀ  and go trough the steps bellow, your refund will be processed with-in 2 business days. If you paid by Card, you will receive a refund back to the card. If you paid Cash, you will have the funds store credited, and you can withdraw them, or use with iMasterTek at any time.

Click on either Google, or Yelp page, and share your experience with us.

Fill out the form below, to have your rebate reimbursed.

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